1. Introduction:

During the pandemic necessary changes to the training environment have generated risks to trainee progression. Some of these changes are implicit in the redeployment of trainees; some are the consequence of changes in service delivery and resulting in a reduction in experiential learning opportunities.

In response to the first wave of the pandemic, HEE worked closely with the Medical Royal Colleges and the GMC to produce temporary modifications to decisions and subsequent derogations to curricular requirements, based on the principle of a delay in achievement of required standards. 

As the pandemic continues, the exigencies of the original derogations and the on-going challenges to the training environment will pose an increasing risk to trainee progression.

HEE is committed to identifying and managing risks to progression. We are therefore circulating this form to all postgraduate trainees, Training Programme Directors (TPDs), and Head of Schools (HoS), to report any perceived risks that arise for individual trainees or wider placement providers and training programmes.

The data collected via this survey will help HEE to identify where experiential learning and progression may be compromised, and consider how to intervene to support learners to progress where it is safe to do so.

Uses of the data

This data collection will allow HEE to:
  • identify and manage potential requirements for training extensions;
  • inform medical royal colleges and the GMC of potential further changes to curricula decision aids and derogations with the possibility of changes curricula standards; and
  • provide information to Postgraduate Deans and Heads of School as to how training programmes may need to be adapted for all, some or individual trainees  to support experiential training delivery and training programme progression paths. 

Instructions for completion

Postgraduate trainees, TPDs and HoS can complete this form anonymously.

Please identify one issue per entry. If you wish to report more than one issue, please do so via multiple submissions.
Click in the URL field and press the “return” key to return to the beginning of the survey and submit further entries.

Please note that risk reporting is not a mandatory requirement. The reporting tool provides a mechanism for trainees and educators to feed back perceived risks to education and progression on an anonymous and voluntary basis, if you wish to raise this directly with HEE.

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