The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is the only national survey of all health and care learners across all clinical learning environments. NETS is for all healthcare learners to provide feedback on their current or most recent placement.

If you are a Postgraduate Medical or Dental trainee, Global Learner, Healthcare Scientist or in the military, a personalised link to complete NETS should have been emailed to you from (please check your junk folder). This will contain prepopulated information about your placement so please access the survey from this link.
This survey should take no more than  6-10 minutes to complete.


If you wish to submit any comments, please do anonymise any identifiable patients' or colleagues' personal information.

You may be contacted regarding comments made relating to bullying or patient safety. In exceptional circumstances, we may need to share your personal data (name and email address) internally within HEE and other third-party organisations, such as the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS organisations and other Government bodies, where a serious concern is identified. 

This action will only be taken in exceptional circumstances and will be subject to compliance with the data protection legislation. 


The Care Act, 2014, outlines the responsibility of Health Education England (HEE) for securing continuous improvement in the quality of education and training provided for the health and care workforce; and via this continuous improvement in the quality of the health service.

HEE exists to ensure the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.

Every year thousands of healthcare students undertake clinical placements.  For HEE, the quality of teaching, learning and assessments in clinical placements lies at the heart of our responsibility in the NHS.

As a responsible organisation it is our duty to remind you of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA).  Information pertaining to the NETS survey is outlined below.  Further information on how HEE will use your data and how you can exercise your rights can be found in the HEE Privacy Notice.

HEE has contracted SmartSurvey to process the responses to the survey and further information on how SmartSurvey will use your data can be found in the SmartSurvey Privacy Notice.

The legal basis for processing of your data falls under Article 6(1)(e) of GDPR – Public Task.  The legal basis for processing special category data falls under 9(2)(a) of GDPR – Consent.  You do not have to disclose your demographic information to complete the survey, therefore we have given you the option to choose ‘do not wish to disclose’.  We ask for this information to identify any specific student groups who are not experiencing high quality clinical training placements. It will also help us to identify and act on any issues or concerns.

This survey respects the privacy of those taking part with individual responses kept confidential and stored securely. If a serious concern is identified in the survey, HEE will disclose personally identifiable information (name, programme title/placement location and email address) to education and placement providers to allow immediate action to be taken.

The data provided in the survey will be retained securely by HEE and SmartSurvey in accordance with organisational Records Management policies. 

Please note that any instances of bullying or harassment or student/patient safety concerns in your placement should be reported to your supervisor, line manager or other senior colleague in your placement as soon as possible.  Your placement provider will have policies in place to review and act upon any concerns.

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